Decalcify & Descale with Sine Wave technology

Hydroflow´s Sine Wave Technology decalcify and descales, using the principle of a transformer, to implant sine/radio waves, ± 120 kHz, into an electric field in the water.  An electric field is quite safe, nothing to do with an electric current!

Water is the conductor and the sine waves work with all types of pipes. The signals pass in both directions at almost the speed of light at a distance of 1500 meters.

Sine Wave Transformer

The technology transforms mains electricity  (AC)  into 12 volts (DC) as used by a mobile phone. The DC is then transformed into an electric field (sine waves) in the water, which is replicated  throughout the pipes in the circuit.  The technology is scaleable and can treat all pipe sizes, up to as much as one metre in diameter!


hydroflow sine waves

Why Hydroflow Sine Wave Technology succeeds
  • The power is the sine wave electric field – HydroFlow is not an electro-magnet
  • The random signals (+- 120 kHz) ensure that ALL ions are pushed together to form nucleus crystals, to prevent any incrustations of limescale.
  • Sine waves have a distance of 1500 meters and dissolve existing limescale, wherever the water flows.
  • The signals pass in all directions at nearly the speed of light. No need for water flow – it works all the time.
  • HydroFlow Sine Wave Technology has a calculated Mean Time Between Failure of 35 years.

Technical Presentation

If you want more information on how ferrites really work, please send us a message from the Contact form, and we will send a link to the technical presentation, which is available in English or Spanish.