Ecological Electronic descalers from Aguaeco

Aguaeco electronics descale old pipes and prevent hard limescale, stop corrosion, break down bacteria and fixed chlorine.  We specialize in descaling with the best technologies from the United Kingdom and Germany, with no on-going costs of maintenance, to save you loads of money.



  • Use very little energy, between 1.2 watts the Itash and 24 watts the largest.
  • have a small carbon footprint, they are made in Europe.
  • have a very long useful life without maintenance costs.
  • Do not require consumibles – salt or replacement filters.
  • Do not pollute the environment with reject water.
  • It can even be operated with solar energy.

Aguaeco  offers electronic descalers from two manufacturers.  Dr Danny Stefanini  invented  the Hydroflow technology over 20 years ago.  Hydroflow has enjoyed worldwide success since then.  When the patents ran out, the German company Phasis  (formerly Hydroflow Germany) seized the opportunity and developed their own range of electronic descalers using the same technology.

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The Aguaeco Products

Aguaeco electronics descale old pipes in all sizes of building.

In our view, Hydroflow Super 38 (S38) remains the best for the home, being more compact, more powerful and better priced. 

The Phasis commercial range has the same power as the  more expensive Hydroflow Industrial range. As a result, the Phasis can be more cost effective in buildings, big swimming pools and industry.

Aguaeco products are truly electronic and do NOT rely on magnet fields, which have a limited range and performance.

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Hydroflow Super38 (S38)

Hydroflow S38 descaler


Phasis Power is a German product that uses the same ferrite technology,  and offers a very good power price ratio.  Click on Phasis for details on the Phasis range .

Hydroflow descaler
Hydroflow descalers

Hydroflow was the first to use ferrite technology and has over 20 years of success in homes, swimming pools, apartment buildings and in the industry.  Click on HydroFlow for the product range.

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