Hydroflow S38 descales best

Hydroflow uses radio waves in an electronic field to descale all the pipes in a home.  The electronic technology also prevents the formation of hard limescale.

You can install the Hydroflow  anywhere on the pipe that is always filled with water. The point of entry in the home is the best place.  But you get good results fitting it on the cold water pipe leading to the water heater or the washing machine.

Behind the washing machine
before the washing machine

The pipe before the washing machine is always full of water. The signals pass in every way to treat the entire home.

Before the water heater

The most commonly used location in an apartment is probably before the water heater.

Hydroflow on the flexible pipe leading to the water heater
At the point of entry

Soon after the water meter is the best place.

A Hydroflow after the  water meter

In 2018/19 the Super 38 (S38) was badged as the Itash in Spain.  Not my idea.

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