Phasis reduces pool costs

Phasis makes a pool perfect and reduces on-going costs.  Phasis reduces consumption of chlorine by as much as 50% in hard water areas.  Phasis flocculates electronically, improves filtration, reduces reduces water loss through shorter back-washes.
Phasis P-30
Phasis P30

Phasis prevents limescale to give crystal clear water

Salt chlorinator free of limescale

Phasis prevents limescale in hard water areas and eliminates existing limescale in a  chlorinator.  Phasis avoids breakdowns to facilitate better performance in the summer.

Anti-Bacteria  & Anti-Fixed Chlorine

The Phasis oscillatory vibrations break down fixed chlorine as it passes through the ferrite ring, releasing it as free chlorine. The  vibrations also kill bacteria. Phasis eliminates bio-film in the pipes, as the limescale is removed, reducing the possibility of bacteria.

Phasis reduces chlorine consumption

Hydroflow allows chlorine consumption to be reduced by up to 50% in a pool in a hard water area, reducing costs and making bathing a pleasure.

Phasis requires shorter backwashes, reducing water loss

HydroFlow flocculates electronically.  Large flocs are created that are trapped in the filter, and do not penetrate the sand. The result is that less time is needed to backwash the filter, with less water loss.

Phasis keeps the water line clean

In hard water pools, the level is often as high as possible to avoid dirty limescale stains on the water line, resulting in spilled water. Phasis prevents the formation of limescale and dirty stains.   It is practical to keep the pool a little less full, reducing  the loss of spilled water.  Less make-up water means less chlorine and acidic pH are needed to keep the water stable.

HIGH pH CONTROL (hard water)
Hard (alkaline) water has a high pH, ​​which normally results in limescale. Phasis prevents the formation of lime scale, prevents over-saturation and prevents the pool from being too alkaline. With HydroFlow, the pool can operate at a higher pH than previously allowed, without the need for acid to control the pH level.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the measure of particulates in water. In a normal pool, it can be higher than 1500 ppm. With Phasis flocculation, filters work better, and TDS can be reduced by around 500 ppm. This has a direct effect on the effectiveness of the chlorine and levels of chloramines and fixed chlorine.   Chlorine becomes fixed when it combines with particles in the water.   Fewer particles in the water means less fixed chlorine.

Phasis avoids red eye and itchy skin

A pool is healthier with less chlorine, less limescale and less bacteria. Users of a phasis pool do not suffer from ear infections, red eyes or skin irritations.

Phasis water proofing prolongs useful life

The Phasis is water proof, guaranteeing a long useful life. The manufacture in Germany is to high standards.

For more info, click Perfect Pool with Phasis


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