Hydroflow descales electronically

Hydroflow descales and  prevents hard limescale electronically with Sine  Wave Technology.  It is a true electronic system and does not rely on an electro-magnetic field as used by other products.  Rather Hydroflow uses sine waves passing at almost the speed to light to condition the water throughout the pipes in a home.

Here are some recent installations

Instalation in Benidorm

Hydroflow descales

This Hydroflow is fitted on the cold water pipe leading to the clothes washing machine in a villa in Nucia, near Benidorm, belonging to a retired English couple.  They are very happy with it.  There is much less limescale visible  and the water in the shower is softer and no longer irritates the skin.

Instalations in Valencia

Hydroflow decalcifies

A big apartment near Plaza de España, Valencia  –  The Hydroflow is Installed near the water heater to protect the flat from damage from the hard limescale and corrosion caused by the extremely hard water of Valencia.

Hydroflow S38 descaler

In a big apartment in an old block near Mercado Colon, Valencia.  The Hydroflow was installed near the water heater.  The building had recently stopped using an expensive-to-run salt based decalcifier, and the client wanted to protect her water heater, washing machine and water system.

Hydroflow descales

This was installed in the basement of  a chalet in Rocafort in 2017.  The hard water was causing problems in the old pipes, the  combination of corrosion, limescale and chlorine gave the water a bitter taste.  In the summer, there are as many as 20 family members and lots of children wanting to drink.    Hydroflow cleaned the pipes, ‘softened’ the water, and everyone happily drinks the water water.


The water from the tap tastes better

Hydroflow cleans the pipes and takes away the bitter taste associated with the chlorine in the water.   Hydroflow leaves the good minerals in the water, the calcium and magnesium.

The water feels softer.

Hydroflow changes the behaviour of the water.  You see an improvement in the perfirmace of the washing machine.  Furthermore after a shower, you don´t suffer from dry skin.  The old and very young can find hard water irritating.  Even better, our lady customers do not suffer from dry hair and find their hair more manageable after a shower with Hydroflow water.

The price is right

Hydroflow supplied by us costs much less than a typical decalcifier and has virtually no on-going costs.  There is no salt to buy, to heave about and no filters to change.  Hydroflow needs electricity, but consumes very little , no more than an LED bulb.

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