Case Studies

Aguaeco productos are sophisticated systems for preventing limescale using electronic signals measured in kiloherz (kHz).  They also dissolve existing limescale, prevent corrosion, eliminate bacteria, break down fixed chlorine and flocculate particles in the water.
Aguaeco presents a selection of case studies and articles. The best way to use the case studies is to select a Category on the right to view related entries.

Most of the cases are from Hydroflow, which has been our focus since 2010.  click to see more on Hydroflow in Spanish.


The Hydroflow for the home is the Super 38 (S38),  which had the label Itash in 2018/2019.  The S38 started life as the Steamklear and is powerful enough to prevent limescale in a steam oven or steam bath.  The Hydroflow S38,  works without fail with extremely hard water. It replaces the HS38, which is not always successful with very hard water in parts of Spain.