Perfect pool with Phasis

The Phasis P30 makes perfect a  swimming pool treated with chlorine, and reduces on-going costs  by reducing chlorine consumption. The P30 is completely water proof and has a long useful life.

Phasis P30 positioned to protect the pump

The Phasis effect is to

  • Reduce on -going costs
  • Reduce chlorine consumption
  • Keeps the water line free of dirty limescale marks
  • Flocculate electronically to improve filtration
  • Better filtration means shorter backwashes and less water loss
  • Improve the feel of the water, to avoid red eye & skin irritations
Perfect Pool with Phasis
Perfect Pool with Phasis

The pool on the right does not have the benefit of Phasis.

Click Phasis Reduces Costs for more on Phasis pools


If the pool pump is above the level of the pool, then the Phasis should be on the same timer as the pool pump.  Phasis is only effective, when there is water in the pipes.

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