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Perfect pool with Phasis

The Phasis P30 makes perfect a  swimming pool treated with chlorine, and reduces on-going costs  by reducing chlorine consumption. The P30 is completely water proof and has a long useful life.

Phasis P30 positioned to protect the pump

The Phasis effect is to

  • Reduce on -going costs
  • Reduce chlorine consumption
  • Keeps the water line free of dirty limescale marks
  • Flocculate electronically to improve filtration
  • Better filtration means shorter backwashes and less water loss
  • Improve the feel of the water, to avoid red eye & skin irritations
Perfect Pool with Phasis
Perfect Pool with Phasis

The pool on the right does not have the benefit of Phasis.

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If the pool pump is above the level of the pool, then the Phasis should be on the same timer as the pool pump.  Phasis is only effective, when there is water in the pipes.

Phasis reduces pool costs

Phasis makes a pool perfect and reduces on-going costs.  Phasis reduces consumption of chlorine by as much as 50% in hard water areas.  Phasis flocculates electronically, improves filtration, reduces reduces water loss through shorter back-washes.
Phasis P-30
Phasis P30

Phasis prevents limescale to give crystal clear water

Salt chlorinator free of limescale

Phasis prevents limescale in hard water areas and eliminates existing limescale in a  chlorinator.  Phasis avoids breakdowns to facilitate better performance in the summer.

Anti-Bacteria  & Anti-Fixed Chlorine

The Phasis oscillatory vibrations break down fixed chlorine as it passes through the ferrite ring, releasing it as free chlorine. The  vibrations also kill bacteria. Phasis eliminates bio-film in the pipes, as the limescale is removed, reducing the possibility of bacteria.

Phasis reduces chlorine consumption

Hydroflow allows chlorine consumption to be reduced by up to 50% in a pool in a hard water area, reducing costs and making bathing a pleasure.

Phasis requires shorter backwashes, reducing water loss

HydroFlow flocculates electronically.  Large flocs are created that are trapped in the filter, and do not penetrate the sand. The result is that less time is needed to backwash the filter, with less water loss.

Phasis keeps the water line clean

In hard water pools, the level is often as high as possible to avoid dirty limescale stains on the water line, resulting in spilled water. Phasis prevents the formation of limescale and dirty stains.   It is practical to keep the pool a little less full, reducing  the loss of spilled water.  Less make-up water means less chlorine and acidic pH are needed to keep the water stable.

HIGH pH CONTROL (hard water)
Hard (alkaline) water has a high pH, ​​which normally results in limescale. Phasis prevents the formation of lime scale, prevents over-saturation and prevents the pool from being too alkaline. With HydroFlow, the pool can operate at a higher pH than previously allowed, without the need for acid to control the pH level.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is the measure of particulates in water. In a normal pool, it can be higher than 1500 ppm. With Phasis flocculation, filters work better, and TDS can be reduced by around 500 ppm. This has a direct effect on the effectiveness of the chlorine and levels of chloramines and fixed chlorine.   Chlorine becomes fixed when it combines with particles in the water.   Fewer particles in the water means less fixed chlorine.

Phasis avoids red eye and itchy skin

A pool is healthier with less chlorine, less limescale and less bacteria. Users of a phasis pool do not suffer from ear infections, red eyes or skin irritations.

Phasis water proofing prolongs useful life

The Phasis is water proof, guaranteeing a long useful life. The manufacture in Germany is to high standards.

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Hydroflow descales electronically

Hydroflow descales and  prevents hard limescale electronically with Sine  Wave Technology.  It is a true electronic system and does not rely on an electro-magnetic field as used by other products.  Rather Hydroflow uses sine waves passing at almost the speed to light to condition the water throughout the pipes in a home.

Here are some recent installations

Instalation in Benidorm

Hydroflow descales

This Hydroflow is fitted on the cold water pipe leading to the clothes washing machine in a villa in Nucia, near Benidorm, belonging to a retired English couple.  They are very happy with it.  There is much less limescale visible  and the water in the shower is softer and no longer irritates the skin.

Instalations in Valencia

Hydroflow decalcifies

A big apartment near Plaza de España, Valencia  –  The Hydroflow is Installed near the water heater to protect the flat from damage from the hard limescale and corrosion caused by the extremely hard water of Valencia.

Hydroflow S38 descaler

In a big apartment in an old block near Mercado Colon, Valencia.  The Hydroflow was installed near the water heater.  The building had recently stopped using an expensive-to-run salt based decalcifier, and the client wanted to protect her water heater, washing machine and water system.

Hydroflow descales

This was installed in the basement of  a chalet in Rocafort in 2017.  The hard water was causing problems in the old pipes, the  combination of corrosion, limescale and chlorine gave the water a bitter taste.  In the summer, there are as many as 20 family members and lots of children wanting to drink.    Hydroflow cleaned the pipes, ‘softened’ the water, and everyone happily drinks the water water.


The water from the tap tastes better

Hydroflow cleans the pipes and takes away the bitter taste associated with the chlorine in the water.   Hydroflow leaves the good minerals in the water, the calcium and magnesium.

The water feels softer.

Hydroflow changes the behaviour of the water.  You see an improvement in the perfirmace of the washing machine.  Furthermore after a shower, you don´t suffer from dry skin.  The old and very young can find hard water irritating.  Even better, our lady customers do not suffer from dry hair and find their hair more manageable after a shower with Hydroflow water.

The price is right

Hydroflow supplied by us costs much less than a typical decalcifier and has virtually no on-going costs.  There is no salt to buy, to heave about and no filters to change.  Hydroflow needs electricity, but consumes very little , no more than an LED bulb.

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Hydroflow S38 descales best

Hydroflow uses radio waves in an electronic field to descale all the pipes in a home.  The electronic technology also prevents the formation of hard limescale.

You can install the Hydroflow  anywhere on the pipe that is always filled with water. The point of entry in the home is the best place.  But you get good results fitting it on the cold water pipe leading to the water heater or the washing machine.

Behind the washing machine
before the washing machine

The pipe before the washing machine is always full of water. The signals pass in every way to treat the entire home.

Before the water heater

The most commonly used location in an apartment is probably before the water heater.

Hydroflow on the flexible pipe leading to the water heater
At the point of entry

Soon after the water meter is the best place.

A Hydroflow after the  water meter

In 2018/19 the Super 38 (S38) was badged as the Itash in Spain.  Not my idea.

Article for the English press

Limescale is precipitated when there is a change in temperature or pressure.  The calcium carbonates in the water crystallize and attach themselves to the nearest surface, the pipes, the water heater, the washing machine, the electric kettle etc causing untold problems that keep plumbers busy.

There are three main ways to protect your home from limescale.

[1] Eliminate the minerals that cause the lime scale, using a salt based decalcifier.  This replaces the calcium with sodium, which is not in any way good for your health if you drink it.   Also they are expensive to run, as you have to buy sacks of salt almost every month.

[2] Prevent the formation of scale by magnets and electro-magnets.  These work to a certain extent. But metal particles become attached to the pipe near the magnet, which explains why they may stop working properly after as little as six months.

[3] Prevent the formation of scale electronically with a product like Hydroflow.  Hydroflow generates random signals measured in kilohertz (kHz) that do not rely on a magnetic field.  The signals go in all directions all the time, even when the water is switched off, protecting your home 24/7.  The result is softer water that is kinder to your skin and your hair.

A Hydroflow shower is a pleasant experience

Hydroflow is very compact. It is best fitted at the point of entry in a house.  This won’t be practical in most flats, where Hydroflow is normally fitted on the flexible pipe leading to the water heater or on the rubber tube leading to the washing machine or dish washer.

Hard water needs a powerful Hydroflow and the model recommended is the S38 (badged in Spain as ITASH ultra clean).  This is the same Hydroflow used to prevent scale in steam baths or steam ovens and never fails.  Hydroflow also acts against corrosion, bacteria and fixed chlorine

For more information search Hydroflow on the Internet and you will see that it is a solution used worldwide.

Save electricity with a timer

Si usa un calentador de agua eléctrico en la casa, se puede reducir su factura de energía por utilizar un temporizador,  para que se calienta el agua en unas pocas horas al comienzo y al final del día.

Termo + Temporizador + Hydroflow

Sin embargo, hay un efecto secundario no deseado, hay más problemas con la cal. Con el agua dura, incrustaciones de la cal se forman, cuando hay un cambio en la temperatura o en la presión. Si el calentador de agua se enciende y apaga, el agua se enfriará y luego se calentará. Entonces, el calentador de agua y las tuberías se cubrirán con incrustaciones de cal, lo que tiene dos efectos.

1) La cal absorbe el calor. Una capa de incrustaciones en el calentador y en las tuberías aumentará la cantidad de energía consumida para que el agua caliente llegue a la ducha.

2) el calentador de agua se obstruirá con la cal y deberá reemplazarse cada 5 años más o menos.

Si usa un calentador de agua eléctrico, necesita algo para detener la formación de cal. Y ese algo es el Hydroflow S38 (Itash).

Hydroflow protege un un calentador de gas también

Hydroflow utiliza ondas de radio con señales de medida en kiloherz (kHz) para evitar la formación de cal dura y para disolver la cal existente. Este es el mismo Hydroflow que se usa para evitar incrustaciones en hornos de vapor y baños de vapor y funciona muy bien con el agua muy dura en España.